Im Kaitlyn Li

hello my name is Kaitlyn Li from Toronto Ontario Canada and let me start of with a warm welcome! you are amazing and thank you for your time to visit my blog!!

Let me give you a little bit of background about myself, I am one of a set of female triplets! YES!!! there are 2 girls out there (my best friends) who look exactly like me and boy can I tell you growing up as a triplet is something a lot of us can’t say we have done. BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world because being a triplet made me the women I am today

Get to know more about my Miss World journey and what my “beauty with a purpose” mission is!




The idea around my non-profit organization was created when I was 13. Back then my mother would always say that learning and education is an endless book and that whenever we had free time the one thing we should be doing is learning. My sisters and I wanted to make it more interesting and make it fun with our friends!

So … CYFA was founded in 2013

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