CYFA business proposal competition 2020

DATE – November 29th, 2020

TIME – 10:30 AM – 2 PM

LOCATION – #100 – 3760 14th Ave, Markham ON (TENTATIVE)

The CYFA Annual Youth Business Proposal Competition creates an atmosphere for entrepreneurial minded students to promote and encourage entrepreneurship. CYFA gathers the business community to celebrate talent, creativity and most importantly, to immerse them in the business community.

Participants will develop and present a business plan and presentation (5-10 min with the

aid of a PowerPoint Presentation) to a panel of judges followed by a 5 min Q&A. Judges will evaluate each participant based on the following criteria;


1. Mission, values, goals and objectives of the business plan

2. Description of product or service offered

3. Business model (Business idea, Target market…etc)

4. Marketing plan/strategy (Product, Price, Promotion, Place/Location)

5. Operational Mix (Hr, Management Plan, Financial Plan/Projection, Risk/Opportunity)


1. Voice

2. Conveying enthusiasm and motivation

3. Appearing self-confident and assured

4. Smile and eye contact w/ audience

5. Material Selection for slides

Please send Business Proposal and PowerPoint Presentation to YOUTH.CYFA@GMAIL.COM by NOVEMBER 27th, 2020

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